COVID-19 virus is affecting our lives all around this world

COVID-19 virus is affecting our lives all around this world. The shipping community on shore and at sea has shown strong responsiveness and flexibility for this serious situation. Challenging tasks need to be carried out where surveys, inspections, repairs and general operation of the vessels needs to be sorted out. Our crew members and their families show strong spirit in times where time onboard is longer than predicted. We appreciate highly and thank our crewmembers and their families operating around the world for their cooperation and high spirits. The protection and safeguard of our crew on shore and at sea is crucial and UMMS will take all precautions possible. Following video, filmed by Chief Cook Jeremy Llagas in the beginning of March, is showing life onboard MV Sarah and demonstrates how the slogan “Operating Clean, Safe and Happy ships” is being made a reality by our brave seafarers. It is expressing positive vibes at sea in these troublesome times and we wish it may continue like that. Keep up the good spirits and STAY SAFE. (music by Chris Linton: Tule-Fearless Part2)