Newbuilding Supervision

We at Union Marine Management Services always strive to satisfy our clients and to provide quality assured ship management services. This entails, but is not limited to: Operating the ship and transporting cargo efficiently and cautiously with due regard to safe practices in ship operation.

The objective of Union Marine Management Services is solely based on providing quality service to the Ship Owners while keeping parity between cost and efficient operation. We are committed to conduct our business in the most socially responsible manner and creating an environment of opportunity for our employees.

  • Complying with Statutory and Classification rules and requirements.
  • Ensuring protection to the owners’ assets entrusted to the company.
  • Maintaining and observing an environment friendlyapproach.
  • Manning the ships with qualified, medically fit and suitably experienced seafarers in accordance with the relevant international and national requirements.
  • Developing long term relationship with staff with special emphasis on human values.
  • Avoiding injuries to personnel and loss of life by the provision of a safe working environment.
  • Continuous development and advancement of skills and understanding of business.
  • Preparing for emergencies and to establish safeguard against all identified risks